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NeighborWorks America


NeighborWorks® America is an organization that cares deeply about affordable housing and community development and the people who benefit from them. Their safety and well-being is why our employees come to work in the morning and why they put in long hours and years of service.


To be successful at this work, there is simply no substitute for the reach, breadth and know-how of the NeighborWorks network – hundreds of the nation’s best community development organizations – and the support structure that we have built since our founding in 1978. We build the skills, supplement the resources and amplify the reach of these organizations so they can build more houses, empower more individuals and transform more communities than they would be able to do on their own.


As a congressionally chartered, nonpartisan nonprofit, NeighborWorks America has created places of opportunity in communities across the country. We build the skills, supplement the funding, and amplify the reach of grassroots organizations so they can leverage additional resources to achieve their missions.  


Our network of independent, nonprofit organizations helps individuals, families and communities thrive through comprehensive approaches to affordable housing and community development.




Cormac Molloy, Training Division



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